appreciation to sponsors

hello friends?

kindly receive sincere greetings from jopeva/map family .we have successful come to the end of this term  and therefore we thank all sponsor  who supported us with financially .it is with their support that have made jopeva home to come  successfully to end .our vote of thanks goes to tine’s family,jan’s family and caroline family for their supports towards jopeva and we congratulates all of this families for their solidarity


Dear friends .,we wish to greet you all,we heard a problem with the  Internet but right now we are connected . some children’s are at home for vocational holiday  for a week.we sincerely thank you all for your humbled  support for the future of jopeva.MAP/JOPEVA  we appreciate your kind support .tine’s , jan’s family and  their friends caroline  and others friends, we are glad to you people.



Kindly receive sincere greeting from the family of jopeva children’s home.We have successfully come to the end of the term and therefore  all children’s are at home for a short holiday/vocation.our sincerity goes to tine’s family and jane’s  family for making  more effort for the success of the jopeva  children’s .We thank you for supporting us financially.


Hello our dearest friends?

we are wishing you all a fantastic easter holiday.children’s are enjoying their holiday by  playing keyboard today!!!.our regards goes to make possible children’s home,tine ‘s family,caroline’s family and Jan’s family at large.




Peter organized trip for young boys and girls.the main aim of the trip was to let them  interact with some of children’s of the village and to learn how they survive .and also to enjoy themselves outside lodwar.Children’s comes up with some of the advantage and disadvantages of trip.the weather of the area was much pleasing  and the soil was fertile that jopeva children’s  loved it because the soil was loam than the ones of lodwar which is mainly sandy.  the disadvantage of the area was that most children’s  were orphans and some of them had drop out of school due to lost of parental love and some were getting earlier pregnancy for example there was a girl by the name Arupe who was eighteen years old and had two children and peter was able to talk to her and she was able to explain how she got those two children and she told peter that if she will get a chance and support she is ready to go back to school .The children also appreciated Peter for organizing the trip because it was very wonderful and marvelous and much more they had learn a lot.The trip took two days and we are longing for another trip for the year 2016.WE WISH ALL OUR SPONSORS A HAPPY  AND PROSPERITY NEW YEAR  2016.MANY WISHES GOES TO TINE’S family,caroline,and JAN’S family of MAKE POSSIBLE.