Earthbag project

Here you can see the process of building a small building with earth bags.

We chose to build a standard roof construction.

We asked the children to start the building process with a very kind neighbour, Toiko as our building manager. The children started this work during their summer vacation. When they went back to school we hired some helpers to finish the building.

The result is fantastic! Not only is the building very solid and “termite” free (termites cannot digest the bags we use) – it is also a “cool” place to be in – since the walls accumulates the heat.

People in the surrounding community have followed the process and are very impressed.

And we look forward to sharing all our “hands on experience”.

4 thoughts on “Earthbag project

  1. Ladys and gentlemen it is my honor and pleasure to say thank you for Tine and Caroline for their tireless earth bag project in Lodwar. What we waited for long as a dream now is real. The earth bag house is possible and termites free. The children (boys) have a cool place to sleep. We named the house “Ingrid’s Home” we thank you all for your kind support

    • Hallow brother Daniel,
      Please you are highly welcome and see the finished earth bag house.
      Daniel, we are located on your way to Trans Africa Secondary School or you can call this number 0716742037.
      Thank you.

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