Jopeva Children Home

Jopeva Children’s Home is located on the outskirts of Lodwar, Kenya and was established by Peter Esekon.

Peter Esekon and his wife Josephine turned their own small home into a refuge for children without parents and currently provide for six children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Jopeva supports and provides help for orphans and the most vulnerable children of the local community to ensure them a better future, safe home and caring family. An important part of this is to provide them with an education and an opportunity to escape poverty, both of which would be near impossible goals otherwise.

Jopeva provides food, education, school supplies and uniforms, care, love and medical care for the children. In future, Jopeva will be establishing a pre-school program in the home.
Jopeva in Kenya is headed by a local committee consisting of 12 board members.

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