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Thank you for your interest in supporting Jopeva!
Financial donations contribute to providing food, school, transportation etc. for the children of the Jopeva Children’s Home. In addition, support is needed to help additional children and the surrounding community.

Our current projects are directed at:

1.Upgrading the little house where the children live – to provide space for additional children.
2. Investing in a drip irrigation system to allow for a garden to help feed the children – and maybe even generate a surplus of vegetables that can be sold to others!
3. Investing in computers and tablets so that more children can use the internet.
4. Invest in solar energy solutions to reduce electrical expenses and minimize reliance on electricity.

All funding we receive is divided between paying monthly costs and saving for future investments.
When we have enough funding for a project we start it immediately and Josephine reports on all spending and costs.

If you want to support Makes Possible’s project in Lodwar “Jopeva” – please click here for more information – and remember to include “JOPEVA” or “INTERNET” on the description.


2 thoughts on “Donate/Støtt oss

  1. Hello,

    We want to thank Peter Erot Esekon for his time and effort by his visit to us leaving in Ås the 23rd of June. We gave support this evening. Thanks again and hope our humble support helps. Good luck.

    Best regards,
    Tania an Lars

    • Thank you Tania Eymork and Lars Skjeldal for your kind support. we really appreciate abundantly. Welcome to Kenya one day.

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